Commercial Drive Real Estate and popular community locations

Here you'll find all Commercial Drive homes for sale and newest real estate listings from the MLS® provided for buyers who are interested in finding a property around 'The Drive'. With over a decade of experience selling Grandview and specifically Commercial Drive real estate as REALTORS®, clients can benefit from our knowledge of the community.

About Commercial Drive Homes For Sale

You'll find some of the most beautiful Commercial Drive homes for sale. Not to say the real estate is completely different from other areas of East Vancouver but 'The Drive' seems to attract homebuyers with a palate for heritage houses, remodeled classic properties, the functional and updated Vancouver Specials and everything in between, including the not so new but unique and livable. It's truly a mix of wonderful homes for sale in Commercial Drive.

There has been a transformation in the last decade and there has been lots of changes in Commercial Drive real estate. First of all, Commercial Drive is no longer the lower-priced neighborhood it once was. Its become a prime area for expensive East Vancouver real estate. We recently wrote an article about how home prices in the neighborhood has increased faster than other East Vancouver communities (find it in our Realtor News section)

Another change we have noted as REALTORS® is the recent construction boom experienced within the community, newer houses are a common sight to see. Also, more duplexes, townhouses and condo projects are available to buyers. Having more condo style properties helps increase density within Commercial Drive and provides opportunities for younger families and singles to enter the real estate market.

Commercial Drive Real Estate & Grandview

Map showing Commercial Drive neighborhood location

Often people are a little confused when searching for a home around 'The Drive' as it's not an area listed with the Real Estate Board. There's no area to be found. The fact is Commercial Drive is a community within the larger area of East Vancouver Grandview neighborhood.

When providing REALTOR® services assisting purchasing or marketing Commercial Drive homes for sale, we're really talking about the neighborhood of Grandview. Though, the ideal situation for most homebuyers is to find a property within walking distance to Commercial Drive as that's where most amenities can be found.

Along Commercial, the actual street, you have a concentration of businesses, amazing ethnic restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, bars and entertainment venues which are always teeming with people.

So basically the heart of Grandview is Commercial Drive and the area names are somewhat used interchangeably.

Why Buy In Commercial Drive Community

There are so many special things about 'The Drive', the people, a real mix of ethnic groups, flavor and styles.

The food is fantastic, you'll find food from all parts of the world along Commercial Drive, Caribbean, Japanese, Latin, Eastern, Greek and other European, along with several other options. You will also find good coffee shops, bakeries and places to buy groceries.

There are many places to sit outdoors, parks to walk through such as Grandview Park and Trout Lake.

Access to transit is excellent, the main skytrain hub is within the community, including biking routes and easy access roads to other parts of the city. And of course there's the Commercial Drive homes for sale but i don't think we have mention that again!

Renovated heritage home in Commercial Drive

Oxley Townhomes at Commercial Drive

Oxley townhomes at Commercial Drive

The Oxley Townhomes is a Commercial Drive townhouse development located at 1647 East Pender Street, Vancouver BC, is a new project of 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses. Developed by Epix Development, the Oxley features 10 wood-frame townhomes close to the intersection of Commercial Drive and East Pender Street. Oxley Townhomes & Design These Commercial Drive … Continue reading “Oxley Townhomes at Commercial Drive”

Commercial Drive Real Estate Price Increases

Commercial Drive real estate map showing home prices

We’re starting the year off in real estate and it already seems like 2016 is going to be an active year for Commercial Drive real estate. We have seen some incredible property increases over the past 12 months, especially the last half of 2015. The houses for sale around Commercial Drive went up in value … Continue reading “Commercial Drive Real Estate Price Increases”

Marquee Commercial Drive Condos

Condo development at 2240 Commercial Drive

Condo and building information for 2250 Commercial Drive Marquee Commercial Drive Condos were¬†built in 2014 within the Commercial Drive (Grandview) neighborhood of East Vancouver. Marquee on the drive is located at 2240 Commercial Drive and consists mostly of studio, 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom suites, with two-level loft style homes on the penthouse level. The … Continue reading “Marquee Commercial Drive Condos”